Thursday, 25 October 2012

How to quickly send files to Dropbox

Dropbox has emerged as one of the used cloud storage service these days. It offers a startup of 2GB free storage & you can add up more space by inviting friends. There are thousand of applications which help you to send files to Dropbox. is one of them

Sidecloudload helps one to upload any file to Dropbox. There is a limit of 25MB per file limit for this service. This service is special because it can be easily accessed through your Android mobile.
Firstly you need to Register for the service & then authorize your Sidecloudload to access Dropbox.
You can send any PDF or Text file by pasting the url or by uploading it through your computer or Android.

It will securely send the files to Dropbox.

Its greatest advantage is that it simple to use & can be accessed through your Android browser & its disadvantage is the file size limit of 25 MB.

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