Thursday, 14 January 2016

Remix OS helps you put Android on your PC

Remix OS is another service which lets you put Android on your laptop or desktop. It is built on Android X86 & works on any PC. The Software is 676MB & you need a pendrive with 8GB free space. Once installed you just need to enable Boot from USB from your computer BIOS the Remix OS starts.

Whats most important feature of Remix OS is that it is very helpful as you don't need to install any other software for using android. You just need to plugin your USB then the Operating system shoots up. Other software like bluestacks need to be installed on your harddisk. The other advantage is you don't need hardware like Graphics card for using Remix OS. You can experience all android apps on this Os.

Initially the Remix OS is free but I think with the features they are providing they might charge in the near future.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

How to get paid apps for Free

Android has come a long way. Google playstore which once had few apps has now become a huge universe in itself. The Playstore has many paid apps which can only be downloaded if you pay for the same. There are some services which help you to download paid apps for free. Lets see some of the these.

1. Amazon Appstore
The Appstore boasts of plenty of paid & free apps. Amazon Appstore gave away paid apps for free once a week. Now Amazon has discontinued the free app program & therefore one cannot download paid apps. But still it is worth to look for if you do not find any apps in appstore

2. Amazon underground
This is similar to Amazon Appstore but is available only for US Customers.Here Amazon gives away paid apps worth $ 10,000.

Tip: You can get apps from Amazon underground by just changing your country to US.

3. App Gratis
App Gratis helps you get a paid app once a day. It is worth to have a look at the app as it is genuinely helps you get paid apps. The apps which are listed for download are good & worth the download.

If you have any other app from which you can download paid apps share with us

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Feedly: A Good Alternative for Google Reader

On 1st July 2013 Google shut down its very popular RSS Reader the Google Reader. Many people read their popular feeds on this service. The Service was very popular on every platform, be it Windows, Android or IOS. 

Now a very good Alternative for the Google Reader is the Feedly. Its a cool service which imports the feeds from the erstwhile Google Reader & helps you view it. It is available on all platforms & performs good reading experience. 

One can view the feeds in  many styles like Title view, Magazine view, Cards view or Full article view. These style help one to view the posts in different ways.

Other features include ability to Bookmark the feeds for future reading, mark as read etc.

One can also download Feedly Firefox Addon enjoy the posts.

Many might of you have downloaded their feeds & transferred it to other Feed readers, but if you haven't then you can download your Google Reader data from Google Takeaway & transfer it to Feedly for reading.

Happy feeding!!!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013 Cool Website to download your favourite Magazine,Books in PDF format

Ever wanted to read your favourite magazine in PDF format. If yes then is just for you. helps one to download your favourite magazine in PDF format. It is like online library where people upload their publications for others to view or Download. It has many e-books, which can be downloaded for reading.

Indian Readers might get disappointed as there are not much Desi Magazines to choose from, but still it has pretty much huge collection of International Magazines which you can always download & read.

Great way to use your Android Tablet for reading your Magazine