Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Pulse News Reader: A Good news Reader

Pulse news reader is one of old news reader which is available on all the Android as well as Apple platforms. It creates a beautiful Moziac Tiles out of news feeds. It is very lovely to read the news from such a Reader. The News Feeds are arranged in a very systematic way for one to read.

There are many sources of news like, Lifehacker or Gizmodo. You can get news from Technology to Fashion.

There is an option to import posts from your Google RSS feeds to your Pulse Reader. You can also save your article if you log in for future reference. These features make reading news quiet a good experience.

This App is available for Android 2.2 & above. It was available for download for eclair mobiles but now has been removed. But you can still get the Eclair version of this app from this download here

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