Friday, 27 April 2012

Google and Facebook's quest for Users Data

In a recent Newspaper article, I read of how Google & Facebook holds huge amount of Users data which is used by both these Internet gaints to Display Ads specific to users interest. The article explains how one can access all the data that these 2 Internet giants hold.

Google has its "Dashboard" which shows your history of online activity like when you opened Gmail account to Google+

Facebook has a similar tool where in you can have your data downloaded under an option button. By clicking on the download a copy of data it gives your history of Facebook used by you.

After reading the article one gets several questions on mind which need answers.

Firstly whether I am being constantly watched, targeted so that these 2 companies can send there ads & earn revenue.

Secondly if you want to keep your privacy what should you do?

Does Deleting of Google account & Facebook account deletes the data residing on the servers of these 2 companies?

Can anyone use this personal data against me though not in near future but after some years may be 20 years down?

If one does something wrong or commits crime on the net, is it easily identified?

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