Wednesday, 18 April 2012

How to Manage Multiple Email Accounts from Android Mobile

One of the basic thing to run an Android is the Gmail account. Android needs a basic Gmail ID to run Google play & other services. Android makes it easy to maintain multiple Gmail accounts with its inbuilt Gmail app. The Gmail app

Now imagine a situation where you want to maintain 5 to 6 Gmail accounts but dont want to clutter your Gmail App.

The Answer is K-9 Mail app which helps you maintain not only Multiple Gmails but also other email IDs like Hotmail, Yahoomail etc.

K-9 has clean interface which displays multiple email ids, folders so that you can sync all your mails & folders. This can save your Internal Memory, as you need not have to install multiple email apps on your Android. Now you can have all your email in one place.
So Happy mailing!!!!

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