Tuesday, 10 April 2012

How to download videos from Youtube to your Android Mobile

Many may be aware that Youtube never allows its videos to be downloaded. The Default app on Android never allows you to download but instead stream it on Android Mobile. This may lead to loss of Bandwidth.

So today iam going to show you 2 ways to download videos.

The First way is download through the Tubemate app. This is a free app which allows you to download videos from Youtube. The most great thing about the app is that it lets you download videos in different formats like 320 x 240, or 640 x 480. So if you want a video of HD quality the app lets you do that. Download the app at m.Tubemate.net

Now above app is near perfection, but with one shortcoming that it wont help you if you want to download videos of specific channel or if videos of specific channel have to be viewed or downloaded you need another app called Woopie.

This app helps you view videos of specific channel. This is very useful app specially if you desperately need a video for project. Channels are great sources to download videos. One drawback of this app is that it only downloads videos specific to phone size for example if your mobile resolution is 320 x 240, then the videos will be downloaded in the same format. So if you dont worry about the size of video then this app is for you.
Download the app at www.Woopie.jp

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