Thursday, 21 March 2013

Barnacle Wifi Tether.

Barnacle Wifi Tether helps you to tether your Mobile 2g/3g Internet to your Laptop. It mainly makes available the Internet through Wifi.

Many Mobiles now a days include the option of USB Tethering or Wifi Tethering. But many Androids still does not have this option. This is when Barnacle wifi tether helps. It transforms your Android into Wifi Hotspot.

Some of its features include, the option to protect your Wifi through WEP key. It also shows all the devices connected to your Wifi network. The Traffic button shows how much traffic is consumed . 

Once when you install the app, it takes sometime to start tethering. Sometimes it takes really long time to connect, in that case restart your Android. After restarting it definitely will connect.

There is no software to be installed on the laptop. Just power on your Wifi & you can see that Barnacle Hotspot is active, just connect it & you can enjoy Internet on your laptop now. 

This app needs Root Access, hence you need to Root your Android. 
One of the advantages of Wifi tethering is that you can open HTTPS sites, banking sites etc.

Download & Install Barnacle app Here

Happy Tethering.


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