Saturday, 20 July 2013

Feedly: A Good Alternative for Google Reader

On 1st July 2013 Google shut down its very popular RSS Reader the Google Reader. Many people read their popular feeds on this service. The Service was very popular on every platform, be it Windows, Android or IOS. 

Now a very good Alternative for the Google Reader is the Feedly. Its a cool service which imports the feeds from the erstwhile Google Reader & helps you view it. It is available on all platforms & performs good reading experience. 

One can view the feeds in  many styles like Title view, Magazine view, Cards view or Full article view. These style help one to view the posts in different ways.

Other features include ability to Bookmark the feeds for future reading, mark as read etc.

One can also download Feedly Firefox Addon enjoy the posts.

Many might of you have downloaded their feeds & transferred it to other Feed readers, but if you haven't then you can download your Google Reader data from Google Takeaway & transfer it to Feedly for reading.

Happy feeding!!!

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